Verso’s Prock Cast – Episode 3

We talk about the Felixstowe Councils Every Day People list and how Steve Bloomfield from Bloomfields Furniture was singled out. Do you remember deck chairs on Felixstowe Beach and why Ray’s mallet proved successful with the ladies?

Well worth a mention is the Felixstowe legends Ian Maddocks (AKA Large) as well as Patty from the days of the Falcon and of course the Falcon Walton gets a mention again. The usual chip shop debate continues and Verso will be hitting this exploratory Felixstowe campaign again next week.

Jamie tells us about two times he has laid in the road. Once was recently while unconscious on his way to work with a lady in a swimming costume and the other resulting in him being beaten up my a motorist in Trimley St Mary. We do of course mention the Trimley Treacle Mines.

Wear a helmet! We have also agreed to get Nicky Curtis (Nick Nudge) in for an interview soon.



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