Verso’s Prock Cast – Episode 2

Verso and Prockie’s second podcast about Felixstowe. We discover that Jamie has an adverse reaction to anything growing in a Petrie Dish and is nearly sick, how to blow up a pair of scissors and name some of the good and bad teachers at Orwell High School.

Prockie confesses to hacking the school computer network with a pornographic image and setting off the newly installed fire alarm while Verso tells us that Gary Durrant set fire to a schoolgirl’s hair.

The big news is Verso’s new radio show on Felixstowe Radio with more to follow about that!

We carry on talking about Orwell High School and Deben High School and what is left of them now. The View Point Café, the restaurant at the Fludyers Hotel and The Spud Hut on Felixstowe high street also get a review and mention. Trimley Treacle Mines is also mentioned and shut down quite early on.

We brush over what makes a good chip shop and the list of 11 Felixstowe chip shops soon to be reviewed (by Verso) as well as chat about The Lions Club of Felixstowe, Felixstowe town centre Christmas decorations, Charlie Philpot and the Trimley Christmas tree lights and Len Alexanders rude little boy on his knee.

With the usual distraction and conversation, we hope that you will click “follow us” for future episodes on whatever platform you are using to listening to and add any comments to help us with the rankings.

If you are part of the Lions Club of Felixstowe please do get in-touch with Verso as we know you must be doing more than just putting up the Christmas lights in Felixstowe.

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Felixstowe’s best chips?

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