Over the years I have staged many quizzes. Local clubs, pubs and charities have benefited from one of my quizzes. Now you can download them here (not all of them as I never saved 90% of them)

I have split them into 4 categories:-

  1. General Quizzes
    Anything from 6 to 10 rounds. General knowledge, trivial pursuit type questions
  2. Themed Quizzes
    Each quiz has a definitive theme such as Christmas, Music, Sport etc
  3. Audio Rounds
    Packs of themed MP3’s – Anything from 10 to 25 clips/sounds/songs/TV tunes etc
  4. Table Rounds
    Handouts – Could be pictures, trivia, dingbats etc
  5. Excel Quizzes
    Quizzes designed using EXCEL. Normally individual quizzes. Anything from TV, Sport, Music and many others
  6. Extras
    Download additional supplies such as scoreboards, answer sheets and quizzes that don’t fit elsewhere

Based on prices other QUIZ websites charge these quizzes would cost you over £750 – Here you can get them all for FREE. However, if you want you can make a donation which will help towards website costs so this site can grow.

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