On The Radio – Episode 17

Back in my normal Thursday slot. Speaking to old pal Jamie Clarke about his singing career in the holiday camps and aboard cruises. Plus some great music and inane chat.


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  1. Played for Jamie Clarke as he works on the ships. 
  2. Played for Felixstowe lad, Colby Penston, who performed the Heimlich maneuver on a friend and saved his life. Got a hero in your life? Let me know and I’ll play a song for them
  3. Song 1 of the CONNECTIONSN game
  4. Song 2 of the CONNECTIONS game
  5. Song 3 of the CONNECTIONS game
  6. Song 4 of the CONNECTIONS game
  7. Song 5 of the CONNECTIONS game
  8. Jamie Clarke’s first song choice
  9. Jamie Clarke’s second song choice
  10. Jamie Clarke’s third song choice
  11. To celebrate the birthday of Hazel O’Connor on May 16th
  12. To celebrate the birthday of Rick Wakeman on May 18thth
  13. To celebrate the birthday of Russell Senior on May 18th
  14. Traditional LONG SONG to finish the show

The CONNECTIONS? All the bands feature brothers. 

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