Joe Royle Interview – December 2002

Back in 2002 I was working for the video/DVD manufacturing firm CINRAM in Ipswich. As an extra curricular side job I ran the company newspaper. One of the features was interviewing prominent Ipswich people. The first interview was with the MP Chris Mole and the second one was going to be with Joe Royle.

I’d written the questions and got one or two others from colleagues and a date had been set to go to Portman Road to conduct the interview. The day before the interview was due to take place I got a call from Terry Baxter who told me Joe has to cancel as he’s gone back to Liverpool for the funeral of his mother.

Totally understandable in the circumstances. We tried to work on another date but couldn’t manage it before publication so I emailed my questions and Terry conducted the interview for me. The interview was recorded on 13th December 2002.

Listen to the interview in full here. I quite like the bit where Joe Royle says I have an inventive and creative mind. 

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