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My Life in TV

I’ve often wondered how many hours of television I’ve watched in my 47 years. If we estimate 3 hours viewing per day since my 5th birthday then that’s just under 47,000 hours of television.  I went for 5 as that’s probably the earliest age I can remember actually watching stuff. One of my earliest memories is being home from school and having a Birds Eye … Continue reading My Life in TV

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My best TV shows of 2017

I do seem to watch a lot of television. Like most nowadays I’m not a watcher of shows when they first air. The TV Times isn’t needed in our house. Downloads and catch up TV is the way we consume our fix of shows. I think the only shows I watched in 2017 to broadcast times were Doctor Who and Broadchurch – Oh and the … Continue reading My best TV shows of 2017

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My Life in Music

Music has always been part of my life. The early years were dominated by the choices of my parents , predominately my mother, and other family members. Tammy Wynette, Billy Jo Spears and Elvis Presley with a drop of Glen Campbell, Jim Reeves and other country stars would blast out of our Freeman’s Catalogued Hi-Fi (£2.75 for 52 weeks). I can’t recall my father taking … Continue reading My Life in Music

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