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A few tales from my life. At times it’s been eventful. Other times boring. Find out all about me by reading my thoughts…………

The Controversial Quiz

Who’d have thought that running a quiz would be so eventful? I’ve been running quizzes for more years than I can remember. From only 1 player in a local pub to crowds of over a hundred. Pubs, clubs, wooden sheds and  coach trips. One or two charity quizzes but mainly just fun nights for a few beers. This time around I wanted to do something … Continue reading The Controversial Quiz

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Goodbye Cinram

Wow I love the Internet. I just found the letter I emailed to my old employers back in 2004 after I left in controversial circumstances. I spent well over eight years at Cinram so I thought I’d better send you all a goodbye message. It does go on but please keep reading as I’m sure there is something for everyone. It’s been just over three weeks since my … Continue reading Goodbye Cinram

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My Father’s Eulogy

This is the eulogy I wrote for my father’s funeral which took place on Monday 14th January 2012 Terence James Versey My father, Terry, or TV as I’ll refer to him for the rest of the eulogy, was the first born of Francis and Mary Versey who were known to all as Jimmy and Molly. He came into the world on September 30th 1947 and … Continue reading My Father’s Eulogy

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Back in 1997 I was living with the old man in a council bungalow in Trimley. One Saturday in October I was asked to host a music quiz for Walton United Football Club (before they were sold down the river). I used my charm on my supervisor and managed to leave work a couple of hours early. She made me promise that I would definitely … Continue reading Eviction

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Cinram World Cup

I’m not much of a sportsman. Being a bit fat and blind in my left eye doesn’t help. But I do try! When I worked at Cinram we had a couple of football trips to France. The first trip coincided with the world cup in 1998. Training sessions were arranged and I managed to avoid all of them. I talked a good game mind you … Continue reading Cinram World Cup

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Memories – Part 1

When people talk about childhood memories what is it we are actually remembering? Real life facts or memories that others have talked about? In this piece I’ll try and relay some of my earliest memories and relay some of my life growing up in the 70’s and 80’s on a run down council estate in Felixstowe. Some of these memories may not have actually happened … Continue reading Memories – Part 1

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My Sporting Achievements

Causton Hawks v Colneis @ Colneis circa 1979 This was my full debut for Causton Hawks. They were formed as a team for the boys who had no real football ability. Walton Colts were the side the good players played for. I was 5th or 6th choice for the Hawks. One Saturday I was told I was in the side. There must have been an outbreak of … Continue reading My Sporting Achievements

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World Record Holder?

I once was a world record holder. Yes you read it right. Me who has never set the world alight was the best in the world at something. I bet you’re guessing what feat I excelled at and many of you will assume it’s an eating world record. Most pies in 3 minutes or baked beans with a cocktail stick. You’d all be wrong. I … Continue reading World Record Holder?

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