Serial Killers

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I have had a liking for serial killers since the very early 80’s when Peter Sutcliffe and Dennis Nilsen first made the news. It’s hard to explain the fascination. It’s definitely not the blood and gore and I don’t get any pleasure out of people being killed. If I had to nail a reason it would probably be the  psyche behind the people. What makes a mild mannered civil servant kill up to 15 men with little or no suspicion whilst holding down a full time job?

I won’t bore you with full descriptions of each killer. Just a few words as to why I like each one. I’ll then leave a link to the relevant Wikipedia page for each killer.

Anyway here’s my top ten

  1. Dennis Nilsen
    Dubbed “The Kindly Killer” Nilsen was convicted of killing 12 young men between December 1978 and February 1983. This figure is believed to be actually 15. Why is he my favourite? Well I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with my choice but it’s just because he was one of the first I took an interest in plus I’m intrigued as to how he got away with it for so long without suspicion all whilst still having a full time job. WIKI PAGE
  2. Peter Sutcliffe
    The first killer I became aware of. Late 70’s and early 80’s all we had was the TV news. I used to watch daily and this story intrigued me. This case also doubles as a showcase for how inept our police forces of the time were in dealing with high profile cases. WIKI PAGE
  3. Fred & Rose West
    You never really know what goes on behind people’s front doors.  WIKI PAGE
  4. Aileen Wournos
    The serial killer you actually feel sorry for. She just needed loving. WIKI PAGE
  5. Jeffrey Dahmer
    This case was so similar to that of Nilsen. Although JD was far more warped. WIKI PAGE[foogallery id=”1718″]
  6. Ted Bundy
    The murderer voted by females as the one they’d most like to be killed by. Women are strange. WIKI PAGE
  7. John Wayne Gacy
    Who doesn’t love a clown? – WIKI PAGE
  8. Dennis Rader
    Another fascinating case. How he went so long without capture and just switched his killing spells on and off. (He’s the BTK killer if anyone isn’t fully aware) – WIKI PAGE
  9. Gary Ridgway
    Could possibly be higher up the list. 49 killings is pretty impressive and that total could easily be doubled. Are American cops stupid? – WIKI PAGE
  10. Peter Manuel
    I liked his arrogance which ultimately was his downfall. – WIKI PAGE

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