Felixstowe’s Finest

Felixstowe’s Finest was a podcast launched in August 2021. The idea was to interview people who do great things for the other residents of the town. These could be solo ventures, running clubs, societies and groups.

After the three episodes the series was shelved whilst a new podcast was launched – VERSO’S PROCK CAST 

Felixstowe’s Finest will return. Hopefully as a radio show on Felixstowe Radio

The three episodes featuring a young man who has taken to daily dips in the north sea to help his anxiety and mental health and in turn raise funds for anxiety UK along with the twin brothers heavily involved with the running of Felixstowe & Walton Football Club and a man who gives up his time to assist a local transport charity.

Episode 1 – Dare to Dip

Episode 2 – Felixstowe and Walton

Episode 3 – FACTS

The Felixstowe Finest podcasts are hosted by ANCHOR and can be found HERE – Alternatively you can click on any of the episode links above and listen directly from this website. 

If you want to get in touch about any of the podcasts or if you have an idea for future podcasts then please use the CONTACT ME form


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