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Many websites sell overpriced quizzes that are not really fit for purpose. On this site you can download all my quizzes for free (although there is a DONATION button if you want to contribute to more quizzes and the upkeep of the website)

Pub Quiz – Quiz packs designed for staging your own quiz. Various themed rounds, general knowledge and many more

Picture Rounds – Rounds designed to booster the Pub Quiz as “in between” rounds for any quiz.

Audio Rounds – Audio clips. Music, film, TV and much more.

Excel Quizzes – Quizzes on Excel using pictures. Good fun and fairly addictive.


During the 70’s and 80’s I loved reading comics. TIGER was my comic of choice. On it’s closure I made the move to ROY OF THE ROVERS. In this section you will find many of the all time comic greats. All available for FREE download.

As well as the comics of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s there’s magazines such as Doctor Who, TV Times and Look-In.

Over 10,000 files for you to own.

Again this is all FREE but there are DONATION buttons in case you’re that way inclined.


As well as the podcasting and radio I like to write. Over the years I’ve written in several guises. In this section you’ll see some of my pieces I’ve salvaged from other walks of life as well as some more up to date stuff.

Sport, TV, music and politics with a heavy dollop of myself. I do have an opinion on most things and hopefully throughout 2022 I will increase my writing output.

GUEST BLOGGERS – Got something to say but no outlet? Let me know and I’ll create a section all for you.