I used to love football. Not so much nowadays. I still have an opinion though 🙂

ITFC – 1981 the breakup of a legendary side

As Ipswich fans we are all aware of the downs. The downs at present seem to be a constant. So when we have highs we do tend to cling on to them longer than other clubs (except Liverpool whose fans all live in the 1980’s!). Many would argue that  becoming league champions a mere 17… Read More »

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Something I wrote a few years ago………….. Here is my memories and thoughts of one of the darkest days in footballs long history. It was April 15th. I had left work early, as it was my birthday weekend. I got in just after 2:30 and stuck on Grandstand (no Gillette Soccer Saturday in them days).… Read More »

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Because of Boxing Day

I thought I’d do a little research into the fabled “Boxing Day” that is often sung about by fans of East Anglia’s top two clubs:- Hark now hear the Ipswich sing Norwich ran away and we will fight for evermore because of Boxing day That little ditty will no doubt reverberate around both Portman Road… Read More »

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FA Cup Final Day

Written on the eve of the 2011 FA cup final My first memories of an FA cup final was Man Utd v Liverpool back in 1977 with all 3 goals scored in a 5 minute frenzy at the start of the second half. It wasn’t just about the football. All of the normal telly would… Read More »

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The Magic of the Cup

Written about 2011/2012 When I was a kid the FA cup final day was an event. A whole day spent in front of the telly flicking between Grandstand and World of Sport. Sadly those two institutions are no longer with us. Nor is the magic of the FA cup. We’d see the players eat their… Read More »

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ITFC Win the UEFA Cup

It all started with a game against Aris Salonika who were Greek, cheating dirty bastards if you ask me, we won the game 5-1 with Sir John Wark getting 4 (3 pens). I remember the ref booking Mariner for kicking the ball over the stand, it’s a good job we didn’t have that ref when… Read More »

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ITFC Win the FA Cup

1978 saw the mighty Ipswich Town Football Club take on Arsenal in one of the most one sided cup finals of all time. The day started with me sitting on the bottom of the stairs crying because my dad wouldn’t take me with him to Wembley, the words he said that morning stuck with me… Read More »

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Local Side

This article first appeared on The Suffolk Sports Forum August 7th 2010 Is supporting your local side now considered an old fashioned concept? Until a comparatively few years ago most people supported their local football team until the concept of glory hunting took hold where people started supporting a team that they had no affiliation… Read More »

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World Cup? No Thanks…..

First published on The Suffolk Sports Forum on July 9th 2010 Some have dubbed it the greatest show on earth. I certainly haven’t. For some reason I struggled to get into this world cup. The usual hype about how England were going to come home with the cup. Rooney would win the golden boot and… Read More »

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ITFC – A 2nd division side

This article was written in 2012 shortly after the arrival of Mick McCarthy as boss of ITFC Having been an Ipswich Town fan all my life I have seen a little bit of success. That was back in the late 70’s/early 80’s when the late great Sir Bobby Robson was in charge. Since then we… Read More »

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